Salt Lake City, UT

100,484 Sq. Ft.

Cubes Self Storage Brickyard is a progressively designed, multi level urban storage facility with 705 units, of which 601 are climate controlled. The overall structure is 102,484 square feet constructed on a 1.5 acre site. The majority of ground level units are equipped with overhead coiling doors on the exterior walls that can be loaded and unloaded by automobile.

The structural system consists of heavy gauge steel stud bearing walls and is unique in that there is not a traditional floor system. The poured in place concrete deck bears directly on the studs making this a very cost effective structural system. The exterior is clad with heavy gauge metal corrugated panels combined with smooth panels that are maintenance free. A drive thru breezeway tunnels through the first two floors at the center of the building enabling customers to load and unload while sheltered from the elements.