Provo, UT

370 Units

The 370 unit Boulder Springs and Boulder Point apartment community was in need of a new look. It was built in the 1970’s and has been a government subsidized housing development since the 2000’s. Visualize approximately 21 acres filled with 40 tan sided buildings with dark brown mansard roofs. The first suggestion would be, “More color please,” and that is exactly what one of the solutions Bertoldi Architects arrived at to begin the Boulder Springs’ extreme makeover.

KIER moved on site in August of 2016 and took the stage. Enter the demolition team followed by the “remodeling machine,” as some have called KIER Construction. Residents were moved out for a week while their units were transformed with new paint, windows, cabinets, flooring, fixtures and appliances. The residents were ¬†also treated to new mechanical systems and washer/dryer hook-ups.

Exterior enhancements included; new roofs that incorporated a new roof design; redesigned exterior pop-outs, new siding in vibrant colors, new stairs and railings, landscape upgrades and repairs, and a new playground for the kids.

Best of all is the beautiful, new $1.5 million community center that offers a warming kitchen, gathering rooms, a leasing office and swimming pool. The lobby area is furnished, including a beautiful lineal fireplace.

KIER’s Core Purpose is to “enhance communities and improve the quality of life – one project at a time.” The Boulders project is one huge affirmation our ability to do just that.