Two summers ago KIER Construction joined the fund raising efforts for St. Anne’s Center’s new homeless shelter, better known as the Lantern House. Today, after two charity golf tournaments and twelve months constructing the new facility, KIER is proud to present the finished product.

Construction began on this much needed project after six-plus million dollars had been raised by St. Anne’s Center. KIER was able to donate over $100,000 through gifts-in-kind from subcontractors and vendors, as well as proceeds from the golf tournaments.

Architect, Harold Woodruff designed the new facility which includes a 35,000 square foot housing/administration building and a separate 9,534 square foot kitchen/cafeteria building. A donation building with K9 kennels will be added in the future as contributions dictate. Woodruff incorporated a lighthouse lantern into the building’s design symbolic of safety, guidance and light that is found inside the doors.

Unique to this facility are 14 large rooms, each with their own bathroom, that allow families to stay together instead of being separated by gender as they have in the past. Residents also have access to an in-house medical and dental clinic. A secure diversion wing offers higher risk visitors a bed and shower until they are able to get back on their feet. The men’s and women’s dormitories sleep approximately 315 individuals. The kitchen and cafeteria can feed up to 1,000 people a day.

KIER joined the kind hearted staff members from St. Anne’s Center, dignitaries, donors, clergy, and community minded individuals for a ribbon cutting ceremony in June. Speeches were received by a standing room only audience, ending with hope filled talks by a single father of three, and a young woman who have transitioned from homelessness into independent living. KIER Construction proudly stands with all involved in building the Lantern House. This beacon will be a place that offers hope and gives strength to those in need of a hand up.