Since our inception in 1986, KIER Construction’s work flow pie chart has been divided into four slices; multi-unit, commercial, renovation and hospitality.  The multi-unit slice has always been the largest, followed by commercial, renovation then hospitality consecutively. Today is no exception. The lineup is still the same, but we are in a season of slice modification. Construction is booming and the pie segments that dwindled after the housing crises are presently looking more like wedges instead of slivers.

Renovation projects went on steroids when the housing market tanked and tax credits took off. They are still in high demand. KIER is presently remodeling the 370 unit Boulder Springs community in Provo and the 160 unit Boulder Pines apartments in West Valley City for the Reliant Group out of San Francisco. Boulder Springs is getting a complete interior and exterior makeover accompanied by a brand new community center including a brand new swimming pool. The work at Boulder Pines is similar to the scope of work at Boulder Springs with a full remodel of the existing community center and swimming pool.

Self-storage facilities are back. After a five year hiatus KIER is raising a third Cubes Self Storage in Farmington and a fourth in Draper. The 94,700 square foot Farmington structure is at the halfway mark. It is comprised of 650 units, of which 492 will be climate controlled. Ground was recently broken for the Draper facility. KIER has also been awarded the WON Four Self Storage (an Extra Space branded) project in Murray, Utah.

Everybody wants adventure and we are thrilled to be at the core of helping folks get their vehicles, as well as their bodies fueled for their epic, or not so epic, outings. KIER is presently in various stages of building three more Maveriks – one in Meridan, Idaho, and two in Rapid City, South Dakota. The Maverik projects are fast, furious and a lot of fun. Workers resemble Tasmanian Devils during construction, and when complete the patrons take over that role. The three new c-stores will bring our Maverik count to five ground up facilities and one remodel.

Right now the multi-unit market is off the charts with large, sexy developments popping up on, what seems like, every other corner between Mayberry and Manhattan. Our multi-unit slice of the construction pie is now super-sized, possibly even super-sized squared. One of the projects in the spotlight is the Meridian Apartments on west North Temple. This new 263 unit environment is comprised of two four-story buildings, and a clubhouse building with swimming pool. This project was negotiated with Washington developer, Lake Union Partners, and has been designed by Architecture Belgique.

The pies, they are a changing, and you won’t hear us complaining. Although the hospitality slice is a bit “humble,” anyway we bite it, the pie is still good.